Insight into an Introvert

As the saying goes, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. We take it all in. We see and hear quite a bit. We carefully choose the conversations to involve ourselves in. If we’re comfortable with you, we’ll get into incredibly deep conversations with you.

We have difficulty in crowds as there is a lot of information coming at us all at once. It is why we like the quietest corner to observe from. We enjoy (mostly) all the people around us. But often it is difficult to filter through all the talk going on at one time. We do best in small groups for that very reason.

Introverts are social. We are not stuck in our own heads. Though our quietness makes it look that way. We simply have an ability to observe everything at once and it becomes overwhelming. We then need to take time to decompress from all the sensory information that has come at us. We recharge and unwind sifting through all that information. When our batteries are back at full we’ll be out and social again, no worries.

So if you see that quiet person in the crowd, they may be the most interesting conversation you have at that gathering. Just give them a little time to get comfortable with you.

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