About Happily Healthful

If you are under the age of 50, step away from this website. This is not for you…

…Are they gone? Good, no need for those whipper-snappers to be in our business.

So, this website is, as you’ve already figured out, for the over 50 crew. Not just any over 50. The active, squeeze every drop of living out of life, over 50.

If your goal is to slide into home at the end of your days laughing and completely used up, you are in the right place.

There is no way any of us belong sitting in a recliner, watching news, gameshows and prescription drug commercials. If that is your idea of a fun evening, you probably want to step back from this website too. This is going to be a crowd whose antics your heart can’t take. We’ll give you a minute..

Are they gone now too? Great, then let’s get to having the fun we deserve!

Over 50 is meant to be the greatest time we’ve had since our teens! We’ve raised our kids, had careers, paid the bills, washed the cloths, kept the house, and basically done all our shoulda’s.

Now it’s our time again and we want to make it last a really, really long time. We deserve to play, travel, eat out, party, try new things and basically live each moment thoroughly.

Happily Healthful is all about getting the most living out of life and having a great time, feeling good, doing it. If you’re ready to get it in gear, and keep it there, you are in the right place.

This is a page that is growing. New content, ideas and contributors will be added all the time. We’ll be including product reviews and purchasing links too. If there is something you’d like to hear about on Happily Healthful, drop us a line at happilyhealthfultoday@gmail.com. Thanks for being a happy, health part of our community!


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