Eileen Clarke

I have struggled. I have bowed down at the alter of good health and perpetual youth. I have spent the money on the next great pill, shake, supplement, exercise trend and more to be the healthiest version of myself.

Since 2006 I have worked as both as a massage therapist and life coach with clients who have gone through the same struggles as myself. I have found in my personal work and with my wonderful clients that we have to address ourselves body, mind and soul to be whole and the best version of ourselves. We get the best results when we work from the inside out. When we work in this direction, the exercise, food, supplements, etc. that will best help us become clear and work so much better.

I have helped a good number of people find what holds them back on any level. I have helped them figure out what works for them specifically, because there is no magic one thing that works for everyone. I have referred clients to other practitioners to get what they needed to heal completely and walk into the world as their happiest and healthiest selves. There has been great joy for me in this work because I love seeing people enjoying their lives.

The lessons I have learned together with my clients are what brought about my desire to write. It is just not enough for me to only help those that can get into my office. I want to reach out into the world and help many others feel and live their best. I will be sharing a great many things here at Happily Healthful: cooking, travel, ideas, lifestyle changes, therapy options and so much more. Not everything will speak to everyone. If it speaks to you, please use it. If it doesn’t, go ahead and leave it. There are no wrong answers here. Just what works for you.

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