• Insight into an Introvert

    Insight into an Introvert

    As the saying goes, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. We take it all in. We see and hear quite a bit. We carefully choose the conversations to involve ourselves in. If we’re comfortable with you, we’ll get into incredibly deep conversations with you. We have difficulty in crowds as there…… Read more

  • Weathering our storms

    Weathering our storms

    Yesterday was not a good day if we’re judging by mood. I woke up cranky. Everything was annoying. Even my walk didn’t make the difference that it usually does. I was just in a dark and foul mood. I was dealing with some heavy baggage from my past. I didn’t realize it until later in…… Read more

  • Noise vs. Nature

    Noise vs. Nature

    All the noise, noise, noise, NOISE Dr. Suess We don’t do quiet very well anymore. What’s worse is that we don’t even notice how much manmade noise is in the world around us all the time. We wonder why we can’t string a thought together and are easily distracted. It is all the noise jamming…… Read more

  • Just Getting Started!

    Just Getting Started!

    So, after 15 years as a massage therapist and life coach, it is time to reach out to the world beyond my office! I love helping people uncover their best selves. You know, the person you started out as before everyone told you who, what, how, where and why to be. Over the years I…… Read more

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